The Ginger

Hello! My name is Dani, and I am in love with the world map on my wall.


I am a twenty year old student from New Zealand, and in a spontaneous effort to explore life outside of my shrinking Kiwi bubble, I have decided to study abroad for the last year of my university degree.

My goal for this blog is to share my adventures and hopefully inspire fellow readers to take the big scary step and buy a plane ticket somewhere they’ve never step foot before. I don’t think anything can parallel the extent to which experience changes your view on the world, and if I can challenge my own perspectives and attitudes through this blog, then hopefully someone else can as well.

I’m going to distract you from and hide the fact that I don’t like sharing a heck of a lot of personal information about myself with some pretty, faceless photos of Spain and Egypt.

(Did it work?)

So anyways; kick back, relax and enjoy my sarcastic and cheesy corner of the internet.

New Zealand ✈ Australia ✈ Fiji ✈ United States of America ✈ Italy ✈ United Arab Emirates ✈ Rarotonga ✈ Thailand ✈ Vietnam ✈ Cambodia ✈ Singapore ✈ Spain ✈ France ✈ Monaco ✈ Egypt ✈ England